Moth Night 2020 takes place between 26 and 28 August and has been chosen to coincide with the flight periods of four of the Red Underwing moths recorded in the British Isles. The target species are a mix of resident, colonist and immigrant species:

Red Underwing Catocala nupta: Resident and widespread in England, localised in Wales and spreading northwards in recent years.

Rosy Underwing C. electa: Considered resident in the Channel Islands, but a rare immigrant with under 20 records in southern England. A run of recent records from a site in Dorset suggest it may also be establishing itself in the UK.

Dark Crimson Underwing C. sponsa: Resident chiefly in the New Forest, north Hampshire and south Wiltshire; it is also known as an immigrant and there has been a conspicuous spike in records at sites in southern England over the last two years.

Light Crimson Underwing C. promissa: Resident, now restricted to the New Forest, north Hampshire and south Wiltshire, formerly widespread, but lost from Sussex, Kent and the Oxfordshire / Buckinghamshire border in the mid-twentieth Century. It also occurs as an immigrant.

Moth Night 2020 takes place leading up to the August Bank Holiday Weekend so is ideal for public event organisers. Public events are a great way to appreciate moths and engage with members of the local community.