Taking Part and Prizes

Whilst butterflies are widely loved and appreciated, moths often have rather negative associations with the public as a result of their largely nocturnal lifestyle, which means that people are often unaware of their beauty. In fact some moth species rival the beauty of our native butterflies in the complexity and colour of their wing markings, and have such evocative names as True Lover’s Knot, Drinker, Emperor, July Highflyer, to name but a few.

The aims of Moth Night are to introduce moths to a new audience and to encourage their study. You can take part in Moth Night in any way you choose. This might involve running a moth-trap in your garden or in the countryside, looking for moths at your kitchen window or at blossom, attending or organising a public event, or travelling further afield to search for unusual species. You can submit your results using our on-line recording form - simply click on the SUBMIT RECORDS link on the home page.

Moth Night is a great opportunity to raise awareness about moths, so why not get family and friends involved in whatever you do? Moth recording is a very sociable activity and can be combined with other activities such as nocturnal bat walks and morning events where moth-traps are inspected and the catch from the night is examined.

We would like to hear about what you have seen and we ask you to send us your data using the online recording form, so that this information may be included in the national dataset, which adds to our understanding of moths and their distribution. Alternatively MapMate users can download Patch  512 - Lepidoptera which contains a filter for Moth Night 2020.

By participating in Moth Night you can also be in with a chance to win one of several prizes that are awarded.  Prizes for Moth Night 2020 have been kindly supplied by Watkins and Doncaster, and Atropos. Bloomsbury Publishing have provided 10 books that will be awarded to 5 randomly selected event organisers and five randomly selected participants.

Other prize givers and categories will be announced as soon as they are finalised.


We are interested in the adult life stage only. Records of the immature life stages e.g. larval, pupal, leafmines, exuviae etc., are not required.

Please take the time to read our FAQs for further information on how to contribute to Moth Night and common questions asked.


Last updated: 17 April 2018