20th Anniversay Themes

To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Moth Night we have two themes for 2019: The Clifden Nonpareil and Migrants

Clifden Nonpareil Catocola fraxini

Twenty years ago the Clifden Nonpareil was a rare migrant to the UK, we hope to find out more about it's current distribution in 2019.

Clifden Nonpareil showing the blue underwing

Clifden Nonpareil (C) Bob Eades

(C) Bob Eades

Clifden Nonpafreil (C) Mark Parsons

(C) Mark Parsons


Migrants - Top Ten from previous September Moth Nights

September is an excellent month for migrants, but it is all dependant upon the winds and temperature, and there is always a chance of one of the rarer migrants.  The following are the top ten migrants recorded on Moth Nights in previous Septembers:

  1.    Rush Veneer
  2.    Silver Y
  3.    Dark Sword-grass
  4.     Rusty-dot Pearl
  5.    Pearly Underwing
  6.    Delicate
  7.    White-speck
  8.    Scarce Bordered Straw
  9.    Vestal
  10.    Convolvulus Hawk-moth

Many thanks to following photographers for supplying their images:  Patrick Clements (Scarce Bordered Straw); Chris Malney (Vestal, Rusty-dot Pearl);  Mark Parsons (Rush Veneer, White-speck); Les Evans-Hill (Silver Y, Delicate); Paul Hill (Dark Sword-grass, Pearly Underwing, Convolvulous Hawk-moth).